When IP is or will become important to the deal and/or fundraising, investigating what you are licensing, buying or selling, assessing the risks, identifying value, exposing overvalued assets and managing risks is possible through the following services:

IP Due Diligence

‣    Present and future access to Market for goods and services (FTO)

‣     Scope, validity and enforceability of IP important to transaction (whether acquisition or licensing)

‣     Ownership and assignability of IP important to transaction

IP Searches

‣    FTO with respect to products/services to be acquired/licensed

‣     Competitive Landscape

‣     Validity of the key IP assets to be acquired/licensed

‣     Maintenance Fees

IP Related Contracts

‣    Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements (CDA and NDA)

‣     Joint Development Agreements (JDA)

‣     Technology Transfer Agreements

‣     License Agreements


 Whether there is a need to focus on a specific project, a need to temporarily staff open positions or a need to manage your IP rights and the relationship with your external counsels, our solutions are perfect for companies that are not in position to hire full-time, in-house IP counsels.

‣    Setting-up internal IP processes or department.

‣     Serve on patent committee to assist in reviewing and selecting disclosures for patenting.

‣     Development, implementation and management of worldwide IP portfolios.

‣     Providing part-time on-site support for critical IP functions.

‣     Supervising Freedom to Operate (FTO) projects.

‣     Managing prosecution and correspondance with external IP counsels.

‣     Assist with strategic IP deals.

‣     Prepare company for sale or funding round.



 Should your IP/Legal department need additional capacity, we can provide the following solutions to manage the workload overflow

‣    Drafting patent application.

‣     Prior art searches (novelty).

‣     Filing and Prosecuting applications.

‣     Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches    and analysis with respect to Products/Services to be developed or commercialized.

‣     Invalidity searches and analysis.

‣     Drafting, filing and managing oppositions at the European Patent Office (EPO).

‣     Competitive Landscape patent search, state of the art search.

Provide strategic advice to obtain (SPCs) in Europe for     Pharmaceutical products, Veterinary Products and/or Plant Protection Products.

Possibility to directly file the SPC application in Switzerland and also in various EU countries through a network of recognized professionals.